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You may sell your cherished private number plate(s) to us. Selling your cherished number plate to Beef Registrations as the UK's leading online defined marketplace for buying and selling personalised, private and cherished registration numbers. Beef Registrations was launched in 1990 and has been responsible for facilitating thousands of transactions between buyers and sellers throughout the United Kingdom.

Beef Registrations provides an unparalleled service to both parties by providing security checks of their respective buyers and sellers prior to any transaction taking place, thus ensuring that every sale goes smoothly and safely. Beef Registrations can also provide full legal transfer of your number plates via DVLA if you wish.

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What is "Cherished Number Plates?

Cherished number plates, also known as dateless number plates, are vehicle registrations that were issued prior to 1963 and do not have a year identifying character. This means that these cherished number plates can be used on any vehicle, regardless of its age.

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What are the benefits of selling my cherished private number plate to Beef Registrations?

Beef Registrations provides a vast audience for your sale through both national and international exposure by presenting your registration plate in over 57 different worldwide directories. This ensures that there's maximum exposure possible when selling your cherished number plate online.

We also provide an excellent customer service team to ensure our clients are given the best advice for making their transactions as smooth as possible, providing invaluable guidance throughout the buying or selling processes. If you need assistance, please contact our friendly telephone staff on 01455 882885 where they will willingly assist you further.

How much is my cherished number plate worth?

This is a question that we get asked very frequently and one that we always try to answer as simply as possible with minimal jargon. Every number plate has its own unique charm and whether you choose to keep it or sell it, your cherished registration mark will retain its value for as long as your chosen registration mark is current and therefore creating a potential for use. The price you could expect to sell it for will depend on its letters and numbers.

We also cover some common questions such as Is selling a private registration online legal?

Can I sell a car registration to fund my wedding?

How much for a personalised UK number plate?

How can I find out if someone owns my cherished number plate?

Which agency should I use to transfer ownership of the licence plates? etc.


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Beef Registrations, was established in 1990 and has been selling cherished plates for over 30 years. Since then the company has grown from strength to strength, and thanks to the enthusiasm of the British public, Beef Registrations Plates have become a brand leader within the personalised plates industry.

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