Putting a Private Plate On My Car

How To Assign a Private Number Plate To a Vehicle

How To Assign a Private Number Plate To a Vehicle

Other than this single rule, it is entirely up to the buyer to decide which registration to purchase. And it is recommended that anyone looking into this should get clued up on the language of number plates.

Buying a new car is an exciting prospect and everybody wants to add some character to his or her vehicle. They might show this in the model they choose to buy, accessories they display, or by purchasing a private registration.

Personalised registrations are a way of making one’s car truly unique. However, there are several rules and regulations, which should not be ignored. It is extremely important that number plates are visible for witnesses of accidents or crime, police and roadside cameras to view, and it is in every driver’s best interests to adhere to these rules.

New drivers have enough on their minds to worry about without making the mistake of displaying an illegal plate. The law does not permit any of the following:

1) Logos or graphics, such as sporting emblems and religious symbols. These can be displayed elsewhere on the vehicle.
2) Decorative typefaces, such as italicised fonts. These may prevent the registration from being easily distinguishable. The ‘Charles Wright 2001’ font is the only typeface permitted by law.
3) Fancy backgrounds, such as honeycomb designs. Again, these result in the plate being less clear.
4) Altering of characters. This may be done by altering the spacing or placing bolts in a particular place to change the characters that are actually on the registration.

The government has issued a precise ruling when it comes to the spacing of characters on a plate. There must be a space of 11mm between each character and each character group must be 33mm apart. (The groupings must not be altered.) Individual characters must be 79mm high and 50mm wide and the width of each character stroke must be 14mm. Only the characters 1 and I are exempt from this rule.

Speed Limit

Can I make any changes at all to the background of my plates?

Alternatively, you could choose a new style registration if you want to add your initials and car. Let’s say Mike James has a new TVR and fancies MJ06 TVR. Then he has double the personalised plate. We can handle all the aspects of the transfer for the new number plate. The transfers usually take around 7 days.

If you prefer, we can liaise with the car dealer if you are buying a new car so that it is a smooth seamless transfer for you. If you do decide to choose a new style registration from our extensive range, you can be sure that you are dealing with a reputable company.

Our service is second to none.

After all, it's important to find the perfect plate for your car! With over 60 million registrations available to choose from - you could spend months just browsing. But luckily we've made that process a lot easier with our search tool on every page; so no matter what type of number (or names) for which are looking or how many numbers there is in total-you'll always be able pick something up quickly and easily thanks here
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