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Private Number Plates As Advertising

Registration plates as advertising is a great way to show off a company or business. One of the benefits is that the cherished plates can be used on company vehicles when they are changed. That means, unlike a sign written car or van that need re-branding each time the vehicle is sold, the personalised number plates can be used again and again. Over the years, especially with the DVLA releasing a new style of registration plates every 6 months, there are thousands of combinations that can be made into names or words to match business names.

For example, the registration number “NO 5 is displayed on a van that is owned by Chanel. The perfume Chanel NO 5 is instantly recognised all over the world and likewise, the registration is a great tax break as it is classed as advertising. London-based Pimlico plumbers were quick to see the advertising potential in registration plates and started using them on their company vans years ago. Customers are now so used to seeing the vans out and about around London that they ask for the engineer purely by his personalised number plate.

“CALL US” Private Number Plates:

When DVLA released the “11 series of cherished number plates in December 2010 in readiness for the launch of new cars on 1st March 2011, there was a huge demand for CA11  cherished plates as they resembled the word “Call”. Not only were these personalised number plates reasonably priced, they were a great way to attract business by advertising free of charge. A taxi firm purchased CA11 CAB, a veterinary practice purchased CA11 VET and so on. Other great “11 cherished plates still available at the moment are CA11 MBZ for a Mercedes Benz dealer and if your name is Becky then how about CA11 BEC for less than £500. Some “11  personalised number plates have been withheld by DVLA so that they can be sold at Auction. Back in 2005, the “55 series of registrations were launched and some driving instructors were quick of the mark by purchasing PA55 and 3 letters. These driving instruction cars are surely instantly recognisable when you see them on the road. And again they are a great way of advertising and getting a tax break at the same time.

So why wait? Contact us today and open up a new way of advertisement for your growing business!

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