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First DVLA Auction of 2012

First DVLA Auction of 2012

The first auction of 2012 was held at the Stratford Manor Hotel, Warwickshire. Unfortunately, the auction was very poorly attended yet again by members of the public, despite it being in a central location. This could be due to the fact that a large percentage of bidders now use the Internet facilities provided by SMA – The Scottish Motor Auction team who are responsible for running the sale.

Different Ways Of Bidding

Having these online facilities allows people to buy new private registration plates from the comfort of their own home and saves a lot of money on travelling expenses and accommodation, although it doesn’t give the same ‘buzz’ as being there in the action of the auction. There are other methods of bidding, of course, such as attending the sale, leaving a postal bid or using a company in the industry to arrange a call back so that you can bid live over the phone.

All of the DVLA registrations were auctioned off in alphabetical order which quietens down the sale as the less popular combinations of letters sold for lower amounts.

As the more popular ‘two and two registrations’ are starting to dry up due to the frequency of the auction sales, some of the more popular combinations are now appearing with three digit numbers. These personalised number plates are more appealing and attractive than the two digit ones. Names also proved to be a popular seller at the first auction of 2012 for example – ART 111R (ARTHUR), CH11 PPY which could be good for a carpenter perhaps, and EAM 8N which looked a lot like the name EAMON. These cherished plates are proving to make money under the hammer and in fact, the most expensive private plate sold at the sale was a name.

Pricey Plates

The named registration plate DH11 LON went for a mighty £61,000. After the addition of the buyer’s premium – 8% and the VAT, the total price of the registration amounted to over £79,000.

Other cherished plates sold at this DVLA auction were 55 O, which would suit a Ferrari owner for his Ferrari 550 – this was also a registration plate high in value.

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