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Famous Registration Plates

There have been all sorts of number plates on the roads of the UK that have become famous over the years. The registration ‘A1’ is now thought to be the most famous private number plate in the UK. This registration number is highly sought after and has been on many cars over the years. The Dunlop Rubber Company were the owners in the sixties and surprisingly enough it now sits on a Mini Cooper, although you would expect it to be on a more classic car such as a Rolls Royce.

Many celebrities own personalised number plates and those plates can become quite well known. Take for example top business man Sir Alan Sugar, known by many for his popular television show The Apprentice, owns the plate AMS 1 and sports it on his Rolls Royce. The letters AMS obviously represent his initials of Alan Michael Sugar. They are also the first three letters of his old company Amstrad or Alan Michael Sugar Trading.

Magician Paul Daniels owns the private number plate MAG 1C. The plate was a reissued number given out in error by the DVLA back in the early nineteen eighties. Paul initially used the plate on his Ferrari however it is now on an Isuzu Trooper jeep.

Entertainer Max Bygraves owned the number plates MB 1. Max is well known for his Royal Variety performances and he actually holds the record for the most appearances there. At one point he was offered a sum of money from Mercedes Benz to purchase the registration from him but he declined the offer, saying that he would never sell it. Despite this, he went back on his word and sold it to a number plate dealer who subsequently sold it on to a member of the public. MB 1 now sits proudly on a Rolls Royce Silver Seraph.

Nineteen fifties motor racing star Sir Stirling Moss is the owner of two private number plates. He has SM 7 and 7 SM. The SM 7 is currently on an Aston Martin Cygnet however the other registration number is currently held on a retention certificate. As Sir Stirling lives in the centre of London, he says that he does not need a car and ironically doesn’t actually own one himself. His wife Susie owns the Aston.

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