Beef Registrations, was established in 1990 and has been selling cherished plates for the past 22 years. Since then the company has grown from strength to strength, and thanks to the enthusiasm of the British public, Beef Registrations have become a brand leader within the personalised plates industry. We have successfully re-invested the majority of our income gained from selling cherished number plates, into new highly trained staff and a wider range of exclusive plates. We employ more transfer and after sales staff than sales people, in order to ensure the swift processing of your number plate and to maintain a high standard of customer care.

Cherished Plates from Beef Registrations

From the moment you place your trust in our company to perform the transfer service for you, we will coordinate the changes to all your vehicle documentation. The V5, tax disc, and even MOT if required, will display your newly purchased registration mark.

We pride ourselves on our dynamic company approach to customer service, advice and support. Our staff are fully trained to help you. We always aim to deliver quality and reliability, ensuring that you can purchase your cherished plate from us with confidence that you are buying a genuine product.

Not only do we offer a personal one-to-one service to help you get the exact personalised number plate you want, you can also use our website!

Whatever plate you’re looking for, or if you are not sure which registration plate would suit your needs best, our staff will be only too happy to help. Our advice will ensure you find the cherished plate that would suit you best!

Beef Registrations is a well-established company and, as you would imagine, with our many years of trading personalised number plates we have had many celebrity customers. To name but a few, Wayne Rooney, Steve Davis, JK, Eric Cantona, and Bernie Ecclestone of Formula One Racing.

Most recently we were proud to supply cherished plates to Steve Dawson, Managing Director of Ei42, the much talked about, fast-growing internet based website.

Old cherished number plates

It is a fact that Beef Registrations have sold more registrations than any other company, facilitating additional convenience to clients who prefer not to speak to a sales person. The more traditional client may take comfort in the knowledge that our sales people adopt an advisory role over the telephone, rather than aggressive sales practice.

At Beef Registrations service is King, we value your business and aspire to achieve your recommendation to friends and colleagues.
Thank you for your business.