£210,242 for the car registration plate
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Businessman paid £210,242 for the car registration plate

The secret phone bid was made at an auction of plates held by the DVLA at Towcester, Northants. Despite the credit crunch, motorists forked out £3million in three days of bidding.

Other buyers included Spencer Gay, 38, of Surrey, who paid £94,000 for “3S”. On Thursday a businessman shelled out £113,815 for “1 HRH”.

The number plate 1 HRH is expected to sell for a record amount at an auction this week.

DVLA bosses are confident the plate will fetch more than the current record of £254,000, paid last year for 51 NGH.

In a private sale, the plate 4 HRH is being offered for £250,000, but Damian Lawson, DVLA’s personalised registrations’ marketing manager, said he expected
1 HRH to command an even higher price.

 Last year numberplate ‘1 RH’ sold for £247,000 to a retired businessman after starting on an £8,000 reserve

He said it was likely to go to a bidder from an Arab royal family.

‘There has been a lot of interest but people tend to keep their powder dry,’ he said.
More than 1,600 plates are up for sale at the three-day auction at Whittlebury Hall, near Towcester, Northamptonshire, which begins on January 28.

The registration 1 O has been given a reserve of £10,000. ‘For the connoisseur,
1 O is one of rarest available,’ said Mr Lawson.

The DVLA has raised £68million since April by auctioning off previously unissued numbers.

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