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Britain’s most expensive registration plate has been put up for sale for a record-breaking £1MILLION.

The plate ‘X1’ has been described as 'exceptional and historical' and was originally issued by Northumberland County Council in December 1903.

It is being advertised by Regtransfers.co.uk which have given it a £1 million asking price.

This would make it £560,000 more expensive than the plate ‘F1’ which was bought by Bradford-based businessman Afzal Kahn in 2008.

It is also 43 TIMES more expensive than the car it is ideally suited for - the BMW X1. The plate would also be perfect for McLaren’s multi-million pound one-off X-1 model.

And anyone who forks out the potential seven-figure sum would have to stump up a further £26.50 to have a new set made up and £126 transfer fee.

It is thought the plate once belonged to the chairman of a committee in Tynemouth which campaigned for the abolition of the ‘red flag’ legislation.

Under the provisions of the Locomotive Act, 1865, the first motor cars were limited to a speed of 4mph in the country and just 2mph in town.

Additionally, three people were required to take charge of the vehicle and one of the crew would have to walk 60 yards (55 m) ahead carrying a red flag.

The number plate is 43 times more expensive than the car it is ideally suited for - the BMW X1 (pictured)

When the committee’s cause was successful, other members were said to have acquired the X numbers 2 to 5.

Angela Banh, from Regtransfers.co.uk, believes the plate will sell quickly but revealed it was hard to predict who the buyer would be.

She said: 'It could be someone who thinks they have the X-factor, someone with the Chinese surname Xi, or a company with a name beginning with X - like Xerox.'

If Regtransfers doesn’t sell the plate over the next two weeks then they will advertise it in an online auction.