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R 5OUL & GR55 R

A grandfather who harassed a neighbour by parking cars with rude number plates has been jailed for a year.
It is the second time grandfather Barrie Barker, 58, has been locked up for breaching an anti-social behaviour order imposed in a long-running dispute.

The row began over cars on and around Barker's home in a quiet cul-de-sac in Lundwood, Barnsley, South Yorkshire.
Barker was already subject to an ASBO for harassing former magistrate Barry Roddis when he parked cars in front of Mr Roddis' home with the number plates R 5OUL and GRA55 R.

He was jailed for four months for breaches of the ASBO in March, 2010 and has now been jailed for a year for further breaches of the ASBO.

Mr Roddis, 72, and his wife Phyllis, 71, have suffered nine years of abuse from Barker and Mr Roddis has suffered a nervous breakdown, a court heard.

 He and his wife moved into the street 12 years ago and the abuse started when Mr Roddis was asked to speak up on behalf of the residents about Barker mending cars on his driveway.

In the latest breaches of his ASBO, Barker has smashed their garden fence, stalked them when they went out, blocked their driveway and shouted verbal abuse.

The Roddis' were forced to install audio CCTV cameras in their front and back gardens to gather evidence against Barker.
Mr Roddis said: 'We have been locking ourselves in, it has been very difficult. We couldn't even take out dog for a walk.
'He was at it all the time, we couldn't go out in the street. I have had to have psychiatric treatment. I was suicidal, it was that bad.'

His angina has also worsened and he has been forced to step down as a magistrate in Barnsley because of the stress.
The couple stopped friends from visiting their home and were so afraid of Barker they would not leave each other alone in the house.

Mr Roddis said: 'I'm not surprised he has been sent to jail. The police told us to report everything so we did. Anyone else who is suffering this kind of behaviour should report everything, don't just give up.

'I've noticed a difference since he was jailed, it's been a lot quieter.'

The couple refused to move because they liked their home and feared it would be difficult to sell because of the dispute. A 'for sale' sign has recently gone up outside Barker's property.

When Barker was jailed for four months at Sheffield Magistrates Court he claimed the bail conditions before sentencing breached his human rights because he was banned from entering his own home.

The empty house was burgled and he claimed to have suffered a £20,000 and damage. Members of his family refused to stand in court despite being asked twice when the district judge passed her sentence.

Barker's solicitor was yesterday unable to comment.