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Vintage Investments...

New research reveals the Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 tops the list of classic cars investments by percentage value increase over the last decade.

So if you bought it for an eye-watering £65,000 in 2004, by now you would be sitting on a £500,000 asset as the UK’s vintage car boom continues apace.

From a list of 20 iconic cars compiled to mark the 100th car featured in Discovery Channel’s motoring series Wheeler Dealers, the iconic 911 RS model, the Aston Martin DB5 and Aston Martin DB6 showed the biggest percentage rise in value.
The Land Rover Series 1 – which featured in Wheeler Dealers 10 years ago – saw the biggest rise for a mass production car in the list.

The programme sees presenters Mike Brewer and Edd China buy classic cars at the right price, fix them up on a budget, and make a tidy profit.

So Discovery teamed up with market analyst and classic care expert Dave Selby to find out how much money classic car fans could expect to make having kept their treasured vintage car for a ten period.

From the list of cars analysed, which included both vintage supercars and production line classics, only the Rolls Royce Silver Silver Shadow showed a drop in value, falling in value by an average of 50% from £12,000 to £8,000.

A number of production line cars showed a healthy increase in value, with the pre-1979 Fiat 500 nearly doubling in value from £6,000 to £11,000, the Austin Mini increasing from an average of £2,750 to £4,800 and the Austin Healey 3000 seeing a 50% rise from £30,000 to £45,000.

The MG Midget saw a 50% rise to £6,000 and the Triumph Spitfire enjoyed a rise of 44% from the 2004 valuation of £4,000.
The average increase in value across all 20 cars was 326%.

A Discovery Channel spokesperson said: “From the much coveted Aston Martin DB5 to the humble Fiat 500, classic car owners across the UK are sitting on a small fortune, thanks to the boom in the vintage car market over the last decade.”

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