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Brakes, tyre pressure, tail lights ...it’s a safety checklist familiar to any motorist.

But you may also want to include a glance at your car’s registration plate in future.

Vehicles with the letter Z in their number plates have the most crashes, a study has found.
It also features in two of the five most common registration plates in crashes where the driver is the innocent party, an insurance firm has found.

Elephant.co.uk uncovered a pattern in an analysis of the randomly issued three-letter combinations at the end of all car number plates.

Its findings were based on 643,939 accident claims 429,870 at-fault and 214,069 non-fault, handled by the insurer.
Overall, vehicles with the combination NCZ in their registration plate are to blame for the most crashes – two-and-a-half times as many as normal – with DKY, AWZ, LGY and AAZ number plate letters close behind.

RMZ had the highest number of non-fault claims – more than twice the average.

Statistically, each three-letter combination is expected to be associated with 35.93 at-fault claims and 19.52 non-fault. But NCZ drivers were to blame for 88 prangs, while RMZ cars were hit in 44 instances.

Managing director Brian Martin said the firm conducted its analysis as ‘a bit of fun’.
He added: ‘I’m sure this is just a coincidence – we’ve got no plans to charge more for some registrations as a result.’