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The 2011 Number Plate

Private number plates spell words thats raise millions for the DVLA and 2011 provides plenty of opportunity for imaginative drivers.

They are the kind of number plates that would get Del Boy rubbing his hands with glee. For as the 11-series registrations come on stream for next year, there will be plenty of opportunity for a bit of Only Fools and Horses-style dealing.

The DVLA is auctioning the best of its age-related numbers and the number 11 - representing 2011 - will be used to spell words with a double 'L'.

That means DE11 BOY - intended to appear as DELL BOY - is among the cherished plates to be had.

Take a look at many of the cherished number plates already on cars and it is clear that corrupting letters with a strategically placed stud, or squeezing letters together to form a name, is more attractive to some people than paying a large price in order to abide by the law.

But for those who want to conform to strict legislation on spacing and lettering, there will be cherished number plates available such as BULL DOG, GALL OPS, WELL BAD and FALL GUY.

Or, if you happen to be an unfortunate motorcyclist, FALL OFF

However rude plates or those deemed inappropriate are strictly not allowed and a team of private number plate hunters are employed to weed out offensive, inadvisable or easily corruptible combinations before they are allowed to join Britain's 34m cherished registrations.

Plates such as BULL ETS, MULL AHS and CALL GRL, therefore, will not be available to anyone; nor will those that could be changed to look like POLICE, TALIBAN, A KILLER or FILTHY.

And don't be misled into thinking that the DVLA will miss one - only rarely do they make a bit of a