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Tamper-proof Number Plates

After several delays and lots of confusion, the high security registration plate (HSRP) has finally debuted in India.

Jaswant Rai Aggarwal, a businessman from Naraina Vihar, became the first person in the city to have the sophisticated number plate installed on his new Swift Dzire.

The car was received by his son Harjeev at a function near the Burari Transport Authority's office.

The new number plates cannot be replaced or tampered with by thieves, the first thing they do after stealing a vehicle.

If someone tries to replace the number plate, it will break automatically. Starting this week, all new vehicles will have to sport the sophisticated HSRPs.

Current owners of vehicles will have to replace the old number plates with HSRPs from 15th June.

Private firm Rosemerta Technologies Ltd will implement the task in the city. Managing director U.R. Kapoor sounded optimistic about his company's ability to pull it off successfully.

How they are made:

Step1: A blank Aluminum plate produced at company's Himachal factory is sent to Delhi with pre-pasted hologram and India Logo

Step 2: The number plate is put through engrossing machine which engraves the vehicle's registration number

Step 3: The registration numbers of the plate are pressed with a light black colour film that makes the registration bold and readable

For installing the new number plates, the company plans to open 14 transport offices in the Capital.

Two of them have already been opened, at Burari and Mall Road. The other centres will open by June 15.

'There will be some pressure in the initial weeks but we are confident that the sailing will be smooth eventually,' Kapoor said.

He cites a clause in his company's agreement with the government.

'If we cannot install the new number plate on a vehicle within six days of the transport authority's intimation, we can be penalized,' he said.

While earlier dealers obtained the vehicle registration number for owners