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Force India driver Sergio Perez in scathing criticism of Japanese Grand Prix organisers

SERGIO PEREZ has launched a bitter attack on race organisers at the Japanese Grand Prix following the crash that left Jules Bianchi fighting for his life with severe head injuries.

Mexico's Force India team driver Perez said the horrific smash was "totally unacceptable" and could have been avoided if a safety car had been deployed.

Bianchi is in a critical but stable condition after crashing his Marussia into a tractor recovery vehicle during Sunday's race and the FIA have asked race director Charlie Whiting for a report on the crash.

The 25-year-old Frenchman lost control at the same point on the track where Sauber's Adrian Sutil had spun the lap before and aquaplaned into the tractor in torrential rain while if was lifting Sutil's car out of the run-off area.

Perez believes F1 should now adopt a new approach that means a safety car is sent out to control the cars whenever recovery vehicles were being used.

"It is not acceptable," he said. "In the future when there is a tractor coming up to pick up the car, we need a safety car, no matter what the conditions.

"There is always a risk, even if it is dry, because you expose the marshals and a lot of people. You can have people running out of brakes.

"Those situations are very difficult. You expect the tractor to come quickly but in my opinion yellow flags were not enough to clear up the accident because of the situation on the track at that moment."

He admitted that drivers slow down as little as possible even for double yellow flags, saying: "You know you have to show a lift of the throttle to the FIA.

"But if we are honest we know we want to lift as little as possible and go as fast as possible. It is something that in those conditions probably doesn't work.

"We have to work as drivers together with the FIA to improve what happened. We want clarification and we want to know what happened. We want to know full detail.

"You know the risk is there but you always think it won't happen to you. But when you see it happens to a guy who was next to you last Sunday, it makes you think a lot of things."

Mercedes' championship leader Lewis Hamilton, the 2008 world champion said: "It's not easy. It's a very strange feeling, sat here talking about racing. It's a difficult weekend."

Teammate Nico Rosberg added: "It's difficult, because it's shocking circumstances. But there is a job to do. It's important we keep evaluating the sport and making it safer all round."

Meanwhile F1 Formula One drivers have given a lukewarm reaction to suggestions that cars should have closed cockpits to protect drivers.

And while British McLaren driver Jenson Button said there were arguments for closed cockpits he added: "But this is Formula One that's been open cockpit since the start of time, so it's a very big change for the sport to make."