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Royal Registration!

Amid the pomp and ceremony, it was a charming touch which reminded the world that they were also just another young couple embarking on married life.

And as Prince William drove his new bride out of the gates at Buckingham Palace yesterday in his father’s precious Aston Martin Volante, Kate could not contain her giggles.

It was William’s idea to borrow Prince Charles’s favourite classic motor – but the decoration was, unsurprisingly, very much the work of his brother, and best man, Prince Harry.

The 1969 Aston Martin DB6 was given to Charles by the Queen as a 21st birthday  present and was recently converted to run on 100 per cent bioethanol fuel  distilled from surplus British wine as part of efforts to cut his carbon  footprint.

 It earned worldwide notoriety when the prince scolded his new bride, Princess Diana, who was leaning over it at a polo match.
The car is currently garaged at Highgrove and was specially driven up to London for the stunt.

After being garaged at Buckingham Palace yesterday, Prince Harry snuck in to ‘decorate’ it with a JU5T WED private number plate on the back, L plates, balloons and a ribbon.

A source joked: ‘He would have gone further but his father warned him not to get a scratch on it!’

William and his new bride left Buckingham palace shortly after 3.30pm – Kate still in her exquisite designer gown – and drove the few hundred metres down The Mall to Clarence House.

The couple wanted to use William’s apartment to rest and change into less formal attire for their black-tie evening reception.
A St James's Palace spokesman said last night: ‘It was Prince William's idea to drive his new bride away from the official reception on their first journey as a married couple to his family home.

'Catherine knew about the plan but had no idea what was going to be done to the car which was the work of Prince Harry and other family and friends.'