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Record Smashing Number Plate - 1 HRH

The number plate 1 HRH is expected to sell for a record amount at auction.

The DVLA say that the plate will be sold for more than the current record of £254000 which was paid last year for 51 NGH.

The plate 4 HRH is being offered for £250000 in a private sale, but Damian Lawson, DVLA’s personalised registrations’ marketing manager thinks that
1 HRH will command an even higher price.

Last year a retired business man brought the private number plate '1 RH' for £247,000 after it started on an £8,000 reserve.

It was thought that the plate was likely to go to a bidder from an Arab royal family although there has been a lot of interest in it.

More than 1,600 plates are up for sale at the three-day auction at Whittlebury Hall, near Towcester, Northamptonshire, which begins on January 28.

The registration 1 O has been given a reserve of £10,000. ‘For the connoisseur,
1 O is one of rarest available,’ said Mr Lawson.

The DVLA has raised £68million since April by auctioning off previously unissued numbers.


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