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  HUNDREDS of car cherished numbers have been banned for being too rude for the road.
Licensing agency the DVLA has had to scrap the registration plates because they spell obscene or controversial words. Among 250 X-rated plates pinned in the past two years are FU12 KER, T062 SER, VA61 NA and any ending in 2HAG (shag). But it's not just rude words that have been outlawed. DVLA bosses have also voted personalised number plates linked to crime, including DR12UGS, HE12OIN, RR12 APE and PA12 EDO. They have also ruled out slogans linked to extremism, such as TH12 ROR (terror), J61 HAD (Jihad) and MA12 TYR (martyr). A DVLA spokesperson said: "we have a responsibility to ensure that the combinations used do not cause offence." But some do get past the censors. BRE 4ST is up for grabs at £12,5000 or you may be satisfied with ORG 53M for £2,000.

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