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Number Plate Clone

"My father has been receiving harassing letters from National Car Parks (NCP), demanding a £100 penalty for not paying for parking in one of its Glasgow car parks.
He is 83, does not drive in Glasgow, does not even know where the car park is, and uses his bus pass to get into the city, should he need to.
Trading Standards advised him to write to DVLA to inform it in case his licence plate had been cloned. Now, NCP is threatening to send in the debt collectors and perhaps begin court proceedings. G. S., Glasgow"

Margaret Stone, the Daily Mail's Money Doctor, replies: NCP, once I got in touch with them, dealt with your father's complaint quickly and sympathetically. The fine has been cancelled.

Here's what the firm had to say: 'NCP is very sorry that Mr S has had this experience with us.

'We have looked back over the correspondence relating to this case to try to understand what has happened.

'When our attendants patrol the car parks, they identify vehicles that are not parked in accordance with our terms and conditions and issue a parking contravention charge notice using a hand-held device.

'Reliance is on the attendant to correctly record the vehicle registration number, and details of the owner are then obtained from DVLA.

'As photographs are not always taken, we are unable to ascertain whether or not it was our error in recording the registration number.

'If our attendant did enter the correct number plate, then there is a possibility of licence plate cloning, and Mr S has correctly informed the DVLA about that. We have immediately cancelled the fine and offer our sincere apologies for any upset this has caused.'

To put your mind at rest, NCP admits it was more likely to be a mistake on its part rather than your father's number plate being cloned.