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The number plate for the ultimate professional: 1PRO registration goes up for sale on eBay...

•    The plate already has a bid price of nearly £60,000 and is described as 'one of the best number plates in the UK'

•    Snooker player Ray Reardon owned the plate for more than 30 years and bought it after he won the World Championship in 1974

A number plate which once belonged to world champion snooker player Ray Reardon is about to make its owner a lot of money.

The plate, which has the registration number 1PRO, is being sold on eBay and already has a bid price of nearly £60,000.

The owner put the plate up for sale on the internet site in February and describes it as 'one of the best number plates in the UK'.
According to the item's description, Ray Reardon owned the plate for more than 30 years and bought it after he won the World Championship in 1974.

The description says: 'Ray very kindly gave me a lovely photo from his family album of himself with the plate on his car in the late 70s.

'I also have a signed letter from him wishing me all the best with the plate when I bought it directly from him in 2004. 
'It brought him a lot of good fortune, and since I've owned the plate I too have done extremely well in life and in business. Perhaps it's just a lucky plate for whoever owns it ?!'

According to the owner, the plate is being sold to 'fund a new business expansion venture' and he 'will be truly sad' to see it go.
The description adds: 'It attracts a lot of looks, attention, smiles and positive comments - so if you're looking to blend into the masses this plate probably isn't for you!'

'Perfect for a sporting legend or a true professional in his or her field. 

'This number plate was valued and advertised at over £120k a few years ago during the good times! A truly special plate.'

In December a range of number plates that use letters and numbers to spell out words such as penis and orgasm were put up for sale for thousands of pounds each.

The cheeky plates include the indiscreet PEN15 - which was on sale for £90,000.

Other number plates in the collection include 'BO11LOX', costing £22,650.