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Ecclestone To Pay For London Grand Prix

Bernie Ecclestone, billionaire entrepreneur  and formula one professional has offered to pay for what could be the biggest motor race in the world. Ecclestone has revealed that he is planning for a London Grand prix which will cover some of the most famous sights in the city such as Buckingham Palace, The Ritz and Piccadilly Circus. It is said that with up to 120,000 people watching from grandstands around the three mile route and millions more watching on the television the event could generate a minimum of £100million and some say it could make even more.

It was the Spanish bank Santander that started the speculation and quickly grabbed the attention of Mr Ecclestone who has wanted a race in the capital for years – he previously staged a demonstration run down Regent Street that attracted around 500,000, however Ken Livingstone blanched the potential cost.

Borris Johnson believes that a race paid for and promoted by Bernie would be too good to miss. Mr Ecclestone said “with the way things are maybe we would front it and put the money up for it. If we got the okay and everything was fine I think we could do that. It would be fantastic, good for London, good for England and a lot better than the Olympics!”

John Roads, assistant principle at Populous claims that it would only take 5 days to erect the racing equipment and 3 to dismantle it. He said that “the route is fairly enclosed so it would not affect London too much.”

It would take formula one experts such as Button and Hamilton around 1 and a half minutes to complete a lap of the Formula One circuit. Hamilton’s McLaren Mercedes has 7 gears, a 750 horsepower engine and can accelerate from 0 to 100kn/h in just 3.5 seconds.

The circuit would start on The Mall with 24 cars shooting off at roaring speed. The contestants are expected to speed through St James Palace, onto The Ritz corner and accelerate along Picadilly at 180mph. They will then go on to Hyde Park corner into Constitution hill where they will be expected to reach 175mph. From the balcony of Buckingham Palace the Queen will have the best view of them all – perhaps she could offer to use her forecourt as the pits! From then on the cars will head along Birdcage Walk, past Big Ben on Parliament Square and along the Embankment before arriving at Admiralty Arch.

Perhaps the cars could use a personalised number plate as they shoot around the Capital’s Formula One track!

F1 Registrations

F1 registrations were introduced in October 2007 and have been popular ever since. In 1998 the DVLA retained all of the F1 Registrations and planned to sell them at a later date. When they were first released in 2007, they were in high demand and many people took to buying them. This demand for registrations hadn’t been seen since ten years before when “S” registrations were popular. Over 20,000 F registrations were sold on release day and the DVLA telephone lines did not stop ring for 2 days – so much so, that it caused a jam. F1 Registrations are suitable for all cars registered as new on or after 1st August 1999 so they are very well sought after. The appeal with F1 Registrations is their relationship with Formula 1 and so the most suitable cars for virtually all the F1 Registrations are considered to be cars such as Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes etc etc. The most appropriate car of course would be the Maclaren F1, which would sport an F1 private registration particularly well.

There are a number of reasons that F1 registrations are so popular, the main one being because they are suitable for all types of vehicle, which when you think that the DVLA hadn’t released the prefix style registrations until 2001, then there are lots of motorists that have not been able to use a new style registration plate because their cars are not new enough.