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Hamilton pays £200,000 for LEW 1S number plate...

Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton has splashed out more than £200,000 for the personalised number plate LEW 1S.

The driver was determined to get the unique cherished registration plate which was already owned by property tycoon Bob Lewis.
Mr Lewis, 57, a father of two, bought it for £50,000 last year and put it on his Mercedes.
But multi-millionaire McLaren driver Hamilton, 23, was prepared to pay much more than that.

He will now put the cherished plate on his Mercedes 4X4 in Switzerland where he lives as a tax exile.

Mr Lewis, a former pub owner and fleet car dealer, is believed to be in St Tropez with his wife.

A friend said he had been reluctant to part with the cherished plate but the offer had been too good to refuse.

The friend said: "He loved that cherished number plate but business is business."

For Hamilton it should help to ease the pain of an uncharacteristic lapse at the Canadian grand Prix a week ago when he caused an accident with his Ferrari rival, world champion Kimi Raikkonen.

Hamilton shunted Raikkonen out of the race in a pit-lane collision and was given a 10-place grid penalty for the French Grand Prix in Magny-Cours.

Speaking after he was given the penalty, Hamilton said: "Obviously I am not happy but they can throw what they want at me, I will come back stronger.

"I saw the red light but it was too late. It's not a racing incident but it is unfortunate."