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How do I Choose a New Style Registration

How to choose a new style registration. New style registrations were introduced by DVLA Swansea back in 2001. They were introduced as the previous release of prefix combinations were nearing their end of their cycle. They should have been in circulation until August 2003 however their introduction was brought forward a few years so that the numbers in the centre of the plate would tally with the year of the release.

Choose a new style registration for thousands of combinations

For example XC02 XZP would indicate that a vehicle was first registered on or after 1st March ’02 until 31st August ’02 and XC03 XZP 1st March until 31st August 2003 etc etc. The September releases add 50 to the March release. Therefore, in March 2007 there was the “07 release and in September 2007 there was the “57 release.

New style registrations are ideal if you want to have both sets of initials on the plate. Say for example husband and wife. John Smith and Fiona May Smith. JS05 FMS.


Choose a new style registration for your car.

Alternatively, you could choose a new style registration if you want to add your initials and car. Let’s say Mike James has a new TVR and fancies MJ06 TVR. Then he has double the personalised plate. We can handle all the aspects of the transfer for the new number plate. The transfers usually take around 7 days. If you prefer, we can liaise with the car dealer if you are buying a new car so that it is a smooth seamless transfer for you. If you do decide to choose a new style registration from our extensive range, you can be sure that you are dealing with a reputable company. Our service is second to none.