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Flying Number Plate

Moment biker cheats death by inches after number plate flies off and IMPALES the front of his motorcycle in freak accident

•    Number plate came loose and narrowly missed biker in freak incident
•    Number plate was embedded in man's bike after it hitting it at speed
•    One of the three friends captured incident of the flying number plate on head-cam
•    Shaken man's biker friend tells accomplice 'you could have been dead' 

It's not just other vehicles on the road that motorcyclists have to be wary of, but flying objects such as loose registration plates too.

It may be commonplace for a biker to end up being hit by bugs and flies as they speed along, but this man had a larger object coming his way …a flying registration plate.

In footage captured by the unnamed man's friend Michael Garcia - who was wearing a head cam - it reveals the moment a number plate comes loose from the motorbike in front - and lodges itself in the front of his vehicle.

The motorcyclist was lucky to avoid serious injury in the freak incident, which, had the registration plate been just inches higher, would have struck him.

It happened while the American man was riding his bike along with his two friends along a highway in the States.
They all pull over only to find the number plate lodged in the front of one of the motorcycles, and one can be heard saying:

'That's insane!'

While another says: 'You could have hit him. If it had hit him, he would be dead!'

The man whose bike got hit added: 'I saw it come off!'

Mr Garcia then shows the bike with the missing number plate.

Motorcycle track day instructor Richard Woolgar, 37, from Upminster, Essex, said the incident proves that road users need to 'expect the unexpected'.

'This just goes to show that as road users we need to expect the unexpected especially the more vulnerable such as motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists. The biker is lucky that the number plate wasn’t a few inches higher as it would have hit his body with potentially disastrous consequences,' Mr Woolgar said.

'I’ve been hit by stones, bumble bees, food wrappers and cigarettes but nothing as big as a number plate. It would have been incredibly difficult to maintain control of the bike. As it is, he’s got away with some minor damage and a great story to tell in the pub tonight!'