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Possibly the most expensive Ford Escort ever?

This could be the most expensive Escort in the world. Essex man Mark Keeble saw potential in his beloved Ford Escort and has spent a fortune on giving the car a makeover so that it is now worth around £47,000 (yes, you read it correctly!) He really has spent almost £50,000 on giving this car its own unique look – and it looks astonishing!

The motorist from Silver End, Essex has changed almost every part of the car. He has added almost thirty speakers, six TV screens, eight amplifiers, built in satellite navigation and an endless amount of electronic gadgets, making this the most expensive escort ever. In fact, the car has proved so popular that it has won him numerous awards at several car shows across the country.

His wife however does not quite share the same love for the escort that her husband does. She would spend her spare time attending to her horses, although she says she does enjoy being a passenger in the Escort. Despite this Mark thinks that the money he is spending on the car is all worthwhile as people will stop and admire the car and they are amazed that underneath the shining bodywork and the expensive American wheels lies the pretty average Ford Escort.

Mark is very keen on cars and has always been. In the past he has transformed other cars and says that there are still things that can be done to his Escort to improve it. Surely it must be the most expensive escort in the world.