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DVLA Website

The DVLA website is DVLARegistrations.co.uk

In 1990 the DVLA started selling personalised number plates from a call centre in London. DVLARegistrations.co.uk has now sold millions of registration numbers to the public, however they now no longer have a telephone service for their customers to sell prefix and new-style registrations, but that is what the website is for!

The process is easy. You can register a DVLA account and then choose from the wide range of private number plates, a plate that suits you. After paying you will receive a certificate within 10 days so that you can transfer the plate to your vehicle at a DVLA registrations office.

All prefix style number plates have now been issued by the DVLA apart from those ones retained for auctioning purposes.

DVLARegistrations.co.uk sells 2 styles of registrations - the prefix style and the new style. Prefix style plates range from the letter “A” to “Y” at the start of the plate followed by numbers between 1 - 999 and then a combination of 3 letters. Rude number plates like ASS for example are no longer allowed to be sold.

DVLARegistrations.co.uk also sells new style number plates. The new style plate came out in 2000 - just in time for the launch of the ‘51’ series of plates that were released in September that year. These are a little harder to define but it is possible to work them out. The plates have 2 letters followed by 2 numbers and then another 3 letters. The middle digits show the year of the release of the plate so for example 02 would mean 2002 and 09 would be 2009. The letters can be whatever you choose however I and Q are not allowed. Despite this you can use a “Z” in the new-style plates.

DVLARegistrations.co.uk hold around 6 DVLA auctions for cherished number plates at various venues across the country and you can find these through the DVLA website - DVLARegistrations.co.uk