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DAD-OF-THREE Andrew Saunders has finally been driven mad by jokes about his car registration — GAY 1.

He is selling the plates because the meaning of the word gay has changed so drastically since he started using them nearly 30 years ago.

But experts reckon Andrew, 57, will have the last laugh — by pocketing more than £60,000 when they are auctioned.

He said yesterday: “It’s been fun but I’m getting a little weary of the rather obvious humour.

“I’m also fed up with the alarm of hitch-hikers who suddenly hide their thumbs when they see the registration.”

Divorced Andrew, from Leicester, added: “I’m not anti-gay and have had a lot of enjoyment from the plates but GAY 1 does not reflect my sexual preference.”

He has used the plates on a string of cars and they are currently on his Mercedes 300 SL.

They came into his family when his dad Stanley got a Riley in the 1960s.

Andrew said: “I inherited them in 1973 when I started driving a Stag owned by my father which had them on.”

They will be sold by Leicester auctioneer Heathcote Ball on July 11.
THE registration MG 1 sold for £132,500, TEN TIMES more than expected, in Biggleswade, Beds, at the weekend.