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Driver puts £80,000 price tag on his Ford Escort - because it's got Ronaldo's 'CR7' number plate

He might drive a £300 Ford Escort but his private registration plate has a five-figure price tag.

Russell Baldwin splashed out on the private CR7 registration mark for his humble vehicle - but hopes it will catch the eye of millionaire United star Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese winger uses the letters and numbers to market his image and has even opened his own boutique in his homeland, which he has named CR7 after his cherished number plate.

Now Mr Baldwin is hoping to sell the plate on for about £80,000 and is inviting offers from Ronaldo, or anyone else who wants to have the iconic personalised number plate on their car.

Russell Baldwin is open to offers, particularly from the Portuguese football player, for CR7 personalised plates which he has put on his £300 car.

Mr Baldwin, 49, bought the private registration plate last year from a businessman in Scotland, paying a five-figure sum for the combination of Ronaldo's initials and the number on his United shirt.

Mr Baldwin, a property developer, learned the cherished number plate was for sale when he went to buy two other private plates from millionaire businessman Charlie Robinson of Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Robinson had the CR7 personalised number plate and it was reported at the time that Ronaldo - who has a fleet of luxury sports cars - had bought it for £150,000.

But Mr Baldwin discovered that it was still for sale and he agreed a deal.

He has now registered the cherished plate, which he bought for 'personal and business reasons', with the DVLA.

Mr Baldwin, from Buckinghamshire, said: 'There is a perception that Ronaldo owns the private number plate and he doesn't.

Ronaldo could be tempted to buy the private number plate for one of his cars possibly his Bentley GT - worth a little more than £300

'When I went to see Charlie to get two other private number plates he mentioned he still had CR7.

'He said Ronaldo was going to buy it but he hadn't, so I bought all three.

'It is an old and interesting private registration plate, which was first registered in 1903. I've put it up for sale and had a phone call from someone who said 'that is Ronaldo's plate'. It's not, but if he is still interested he can buy it if he wants it.'

Ronaldo was lucky to escape without a scratch when he wrote off his new £200,000 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorino in a tunnel near Manchester Airport.

He was driving it for the first time when it hit a wall in the tunnel under one of the airport's runways.

Why don't you invest in a registration plate, you never know you might get a footballer contact you on buying it for 10 times what you brought it for!