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Clarkson's Private Number Plate Drove Him Out...

He flee's Argentina as mob threatens to 'barbeque' him over offensive Falklands private number plate.

Jeremy Clarkson was forced to flee Argentina under police escort as furious protestors vowed to 'barbeque' him over the cherished DVLA number plate that was on his car.
The top gear presenter was hounded out by Falklands war veterans after driving a car with the personalised number plate H982 FKL - which they claim referred to the 1982 conflict.

He and fellow presenters Richard Hammond and James May fled their hotel after the lobby was invaded by angry ex-military personnel who were furious over the private DVLA number plate and told them to leave or 'face the consequences'

Staff told how the demonstrators shouted insults about the personal number plate until they were removed by officers. The presenters then left for the nearest airport in order to catch the last flight to Buenos Aires.

Despite this, other members of the BBC2 motoring show's crew were pelted with stones by a jeering mob as they made their way to the boarder by road. All the cars used by the presenters had windows broken despite it just being Clarksons car that held the offensive private number plate.

A number of cars were abandoned including the Porsche with the controversial cherished DVLA number plate that Clarkson was driving. The remaining 25 person crew were saved from a second attack when they were smuggled by police and government officials down a remote route to the boarder.

Locals who were also furious over the private DVLA number plate commented on the convoys progress with one posting the message "we're going to make a barbeque with their meat on the boarder".

Another man, angry over the private number plate said 'it looks like Jeremy Clarkson got a taste of his own medicine' and another labelled him a 'British idiot.'

It is thought that the crew had ignored strong local feeling about the Falklands. Despite claims from Top Gear that the private number plate was pure coincidence, Argentine officials say it was a deliberate provocation. Local mayor Gustava Melella who was also offended by Clarkson's cherished number plate vowed to make an official protest to the British Embassy in Argentina saying 'we are peace-loving people but they've generated the initial violence by coming to our country in the way that they have.'

A BBC spokesman said last night 'we're pleased the team is safe and would like to thank all of those who have helped.'

Who would have thought that a private number plate from the DVLA would cause quite so much controversy!