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How do I Choose a Prefix Number plate?

If you’re new to personalised registration plates, it can be a bit daunting and confusing as there are over 40 million private number plates to choose from! We aim to make the searching process as simple as possible.

At Beef Registrations, we’ve created a quick and easy guide into choosing your perfect Prefix number plate, For Example.

John Paul Smith was born in 1980 and would like a private plate.

1. Select your Prefix letter. This can be any letter of the alphabet, apart from the letters I, Q, O and Z, making sure that you do not make the vehicle appear newer. Most customers will choose a letter that is representative of their first initial or the month that they were born. If, however, you can’t think of an appropriate letter, a good idea is the letter ‘X’ as it attractive and is considered neutral.

2. Now you will need to choose some numbers. Depending on what is available, prefix number plates can contain either 1, 2 or 3 numbers. These numbers can be the year you were born, your birthday, your favourite number or the model of the car – in fact anything that is considered personal!

3. The final stage to complete you private registration is to select 3 letters. Again, these can be anything you like as long as you don’t include the letter I,Q or Z. Customers often decide to go for their initials, nicknames or abbreviated words.

The great news is that most Prefix private plates are on sale at £169 + VAT + DVLA Fee, and can be transferred or supplied on a retention certificate within 4 working days. We offer a range of services in addition, such as the acrylic plates and a total transfer service where we complete the paperwork and legal requirements.

More and more people are buying private plates as a way to advertise their businesses. It’s a great and innovative way to raise brand awareness, plus it’s cost effective!

When looking for a prefix registration, it is important to remember that you cannot assign a registration that is newer than the registered year of your vehicle. For example; a ‘P’ reg cannot be put on a ‘N’ reg.

If you can’t find anything that you like, or would like further assistance in searching for your private number plate – contact us now!