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Buying your registration plate from Beef Registrations could not be simpler.

By using our number plate search on our home page. You can enter your initials, name or any text you like into our search box.
When you find the number plate you would like to purchase, please call one of our friendly, professional staff who will be able to take all the details from you, for example which style of acrylic number plate you would prefer. These are the actual plastic plates that fit on your car to display your number plate and there are various styles to choose from.
It is important before you buy your number plate that the plate you are buying can be transferred to your vehicle. The basic rule is that you can not transfer a number plate to any vehicle if the vehicle itself is older than the year indicated by the indicator numbers or letters on the plate. i.e a car that originally had a C year prefix plate may not display a K prefix plate as that would falsely make the vehicle appear younger than it is.
If you are not buying the plate to go onto a vehicle at the moment, you can still purchase your registration plate and retain it on a special certificate until you are ready to transfer it to your car, or motorcycle. Our staff will be more than happy to explain all of this too you and help you with your requirements.