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'I am lucky to be alive' Amy Childs flips car onto roof in horror crash...

AMY Childs cheated death last night after she flipped her Range Rover onto its roof.

The former TOWIE star admitted that she was "lucky to be alive" following the terrifying crash in South Woodford, Essex.

The 24-year-old left the wreckage unscathed after her Range Rover Autograph reportedly crashed into a traffic light and rolled onto its roof.

The accident occurred just outside the Napier Arms pub.

 “God was definitely watching down on me” Amy Childs

Fireman were photographed removing a traffic light bollard from its base, showing that the collision had cracked the concrete.

Police confirmed that they attended the site of a crash around 10pm, with a spokesperson saying: "At this early stage it is believed that the vehicle was in collision with a traffic light. There are no reported injuries at this time and enquiries are continuing."

Amy, who became famous by starting the vajazzling craze on TOWIE, remarkably escaped without injury, and was not arrested or breathalysed at the scene.

However, one thing was rescued from her motor's wreckage – her 'WE11 JEL' number plates, which she shelled out a whopping £80,000 for.

The salon owner assured fans that she was OK following the accident, tweeting: "I am so lucky to be alive thank you to everyone for your lovely messages, god was definitely watching down on me xxx."

Amy won't be condemned to taking the bus though – she also owns a Mercedes-Benz SL-Class 350, which she bought in June.

Bizarrely, the WAG, who is dating footballer Adam Smith, posed for a Money Supermarket campaign just days ago which showed her sitting on a crushed car with her 'WE11 JEL' number plates on the ground.