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Some drivers have a CLASSY 1 and others a NAFF 1… But nearly one in 10 blokes has a personalised number plate, a study found.

They are most popular among the rich, company bosses and professional workers, although 7% of owners have unskilled or semi-skilled jobs.

Women, it seems, aren’t too keen the idea though, according to the AA study. Only one in 20 has personalised plates. Owning them also reveals regional trends. They are most popular in the North East (17%) and lowest in London (9%) with Scotland and Wales at 10%.

Witty words on plates appear to be in short supply with just 0.4% of those quizzed owning them.

Edmund King, AA president, said: “According to psychologists, some motorists need personalised number plates to demonstrate a sense of individuality, to mark their success or even show the world that they have a sense of humour.

“ For some, however, behind the conscious motivations lie unconscious needs or desires, driving them to put on a show to the rest of the world.

"For others the plate is merely to keep up with the Joneses and disguise the age of the car.”

A7 - one of the most prestigious registration numbers, released by London Council in 1903 - is owned by none other than the Queen.