Number Plates Quick List

Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

If so, then a private number plate could be just what you need. It’s an easy way to make your car truly unique and ensure that it stands out from all the others on the road. And with over 30 years of experience in this industry, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for at some great prices. We offer a range of different plates – including those made especially for women (name-based) – as well as some fantastic deals on personalised registrations too!

You won’t believe how simple it is to get started either! All you have to do is choose your perfect registration and contact us online or by phone today. We will begin processing your application immediately and within just 10 days (or less) we will send off everything needed for DVLA approval. So why not give us a call now? There really isn't anything quite like owning one of these exclusive plates yourself!

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Number Plates£ Retail Price
282 GP6950
3020 EH2250
444 EP6950
5529 RK1800
7977 PJ1700
9943 RW2650
A15 DBX2250
A56 TSR200
B17 RJH950
B3 RPC1050
D9 DRB1950
E10 OTT2450
E5 SDC1200
F8 DSW950
FSL 891900
G6 JSM2295
H7 GAC950
HEA 77S4999
J121 COB1649
J121 NNY2649
J123 NNY2649
J1 DCG1500
J21 ALX1399
J21 DEP1099
J21 HUA1399
J21 JBS999
J21 JCS999
J21 JLS1099
J21 JSC999
J21 JSS1099
J21 MMS3149
J23 JMG1099
J24 OSH2649
J25 JJS1399
J27 KES1599
J29 JCK1099
J31 JUD1099
JES 533S6250
K21 SOF799
K23 KRS600
K26 KJP500
K28 KJS850
K28 KRS600
K29 LYD750
K31 KJS900
K77 RJM950
L13 RJH700
L21 UTD1295
LIL 6771375
LS 33311950
M5 JAR1950
ME60 NSX1499
N121 CAB525
N121 SEB525
N123 SEB525
N33 RAS1500
P22 DJW1250
PA12 MER14950
PA71 MER5000
R446 HEL5000
R44 KRS699
R6 JSB2300
RDP 525000
SEB 1T12500
T2 HEA7500
TIB 204575
V30 ASM775
V3 JJP1000
V777 LAR900
W444 JMB600
X110 YDS4999
X3 SAP1100
Y90 MJC1200
YB 88671250
Number Plates£ Retail Price
112 AW8999
11 SBM9950
11 STM9950
11 TJC8999
14 PMR5499
14 RAS19500
18 MJR9950
1 DR249500
1 HN149950
1 KA132500
1 LFU9950
1 RUA29950
200 LK6999
200 TK6999
222 HC6999
222 PA8999
222 TG5999
25 SYD3999
2 MJD29950
2 PJK9950
2 RJ62500
300 ES7499
300 HB6999
300 TA5999
301 JT6999
305 P14500
333 FT5499
333 GA5999
333 GP9950
333 LE5999
333 NP5999
333 PR7999
3 D1100000
3 H349500
3 PO29950
3 RCD8999
3 WG49500
400 BK7999
400 CT6999
400 HL7999
400 HS6999
400 MJ7999
444 EC6999
444 RN6999
4680 MT2950
4 AHC9950
4 AWC7999
4 B350000
4 ED62500
4 FJP4999
4 HJK5999
4 KSC7999
4 SJK9950
4 TJP8999
50 PMR5499
555 CA7499
555 CT7499
555 ER6999
555 JK11950
555 LH9950
555 LP7499
555 NJ6999
555 OB7999
555 PW11950
555 TG6999
555 TK7999
55 RP19500
5 GA49500
5 HJD8999
5 HJR5999
5 J394500
5 K495000
5 KSC5999
5 RAG9950
5 RCA7999
5 RGP6999
5 RWP7999
5 SE49500
5 SJE8999
600 JL7999
600 JM11500
600 MG9950
600 RJ7999
600 TG6499
66 AM29500
68 HF7999
6 CJR9950
6 HJR4999
6 JRD9950
6 KJR9950
6 LJD8999
6 NDJ3999
6 PR49500
6 RCD8999
6 Y294500
700 GG6999
700 MJ6999
700 RP8999
72 PG17950
777 CF6999
777 HM7999
777 LA7999
77 FB11450
79 AW19500
7 DJE12450
7 DSF6999
7 DWS9950
7 GCH7999
7 GJD9950
7 PLS9950
7 RMR8999
7 SJE8999
7 TJD9950
800 EP6499
800 HR6999
800 LH8999
800 LP5999
800 RP8999
800 TK6999
800 TP6499
81 LF9950
83 FC8999
84 EL8750
87 MB22500
888 PA8999
88 SUE11950
8 CJR9950
8 DCP12450
8 DH82500
8 DHM7999
8 DJE8999
8 JB82500
8 JC82500
8 JJE7999
8 JW99500
8 K349500
8 KMW7999
8 M425000
8 MB82500
8 PEL6999
8 PJK11950
8 SAC9950
8 SJK9950
8 TJK9950
900 KA5499
900 MG9950
900 TS7999
90 RGE49950
91 EL8999
92 EP7999
93 EP7999
94 HD9950
95 NJ8999
96 SD16950
98 FB8999
9 AG69500
9:00 AM125000
9 ASR14950
9 C349500
9 CD69950
9 DJE8999
9 DJK7999
9 DW69500
9 DWS9950
9 JF82500
9 JFD4499
9 JSF7999
9 KJC14950
9 M425000
9 MCD12450
9 MCP9950
9 MCS14950
9 MDJ6999
9 NAS14500
9 NCM7999
9 NJD12450
9 PCM7999
9 PEM7999
9 PJA8999
9 PJL11950
9 PSD14950
9 RCP8999
9 RJS19950
9 RMR6999
9 RSD12450
9 RSP8999
9 SBW9950
9 SHP8999
9 SJG14950
9 SPS14950
A88 RAM4999
AA11 OUT2499
AA18 MAR999
AB11 AJB2499
AJ19 AJB599
AL61 ALC150
ANT 96A2950
AS11 AJS2499
AV11 ENT4999
AV11 TDR1999
B1 JPW2295
BE16 JES625
BO11 BBS2999
BOB 111Y9950
BOX 11N9950
BOX 1S9950
BR05 GOS499
BS 91291999
BS 93691699
BS 93771899
C11 HBB299
CJ19 CJB599
D10 VDD399
D444 RTS4999
DEB 8B9950
DER 1E9950
DES 1142995
DES 11S6999
DH11 DJH1999
DNJ 1241100
DO11 DDY4999
DOB 3Y4999
DS11 DJS1999
E 6349500
EDS 79950
EDW 3N3999
ES57 ELL2499
EV03 ZRO699
F11 POT2499
F12 LFC999
F14 LFC999
F3 PAT2499
F6 PAT2499
F9 YES4999
FAY 55S3299
FC 362500
FD06 LEO152
FH 249500
FL15 GHT1499
G100 VER4999
G444 MES4999
GAZ 4563699
GL07 CAT499
GP 3322500
GP 9219500
GR18 CES2499
GT02 EVA699
GT03 EVA699
GT51 EVA699
GT55 EVA699
GT60 EVA999
H111 CKY4999
HA68 VEY1499
HEN 5S9950
HOG 55S3999
HOT 111Y3999
HR 962500
J121 JMB699
J123 JMB699
J21 AJS1499
J21 CMB999
J21 COB2999
J21 DEH999
J21 DEM999
J21 DEY1999
J21 DJM999
J21 JDH799
J21 JDW699
J21 JEB699
J21 JEC699
J21 JJD699
J21 JMP699
J21 JRD699
J21 JSM799
J21 JSP799
J21 JSR799
J21 JSW749
J21 JUL1199
J21 KJS699
J21 LYD799
J21 MEY2499
J21 SYD799
J23 ABS999
J23 DJM799
J23 JPS699
J23 JUD799
J23 KJM599
J23 PJM599
J23 PJS599
J23 RJS899
J23 SJR599
J24 ABS999
J24 DEH999
J24 DEP999
J24 PJS599
J24 SJD599
J24 SJS599
J25 JJW699
J25 JUD999
J25 MJP599
J26 ABS999
J26 PJM599
J27 AJM999
J27 JRB899
J28 JJB799
J28 JJW699
J28 SJS599
J29 JRB899
J31 JJB799
J321 JMB699
JAC 111K9500
JAC 11K29950
JAS 5E9950
JAS 5S9950
JB11 JMB1999
JB 22229950
JC17 JMC599
JFN 1101199
JM11 JSM1999
JOB 3Y4999
JW 8132500
K100 LLU410
K155 SXX1999
K155 WED1999
K155 YXX3299
K21 CHA699
K21 KJF399
K21 LEO899
K21 PJK499
K21 RJK599
K21 SJK699
K21 TOM2299
K23 AJK399
K23 AJS899
K23 JAC1299
K23 KAR599
K23 KAW499
K23 KJB599
K23 KJC499
K23 KJG399
K23 MEG1095
K23 RMH375
K24 KJB599
K24 KJC499
K25 AJK399
K25 KJW699
K25 THS699
K26 AJK399
K26 KAR599
K26 KAT999
K26 KJB599
K26 KJC499
K26 KJH399
K26 KJM699
K26 RUN699
K26 SPY399
K26 TOM1999
K27 AJK399
K27 KJB599
K27 KJC499
K27 KJH399
K27 KMR399
K27 RMH375
K27 SJK499
K28 JSC599
K28 KAR599
K28 KJC499
K28 KJG399
K28 KJH399
K28 SPY399
K29 AJK399
K29 DJK399
K29 KAR599
K29 KJB599
K29 KJC499
K29 KJG399
K29 KMC599
K29 KMW399
K31 DMB699
K31 JAK1499
K31 JJB599
K31 KAM749
K31 KJB699
K31 ROB1699
K321 KJW399
KEN 111S3999
KEN 11S9950
KUR 1T4999
L121 LJC500
L21 CFC699
L21 CRG499
L21 CRS799
L21 JML599
L21 LJD699
L21 MRL499
L26 RUN499
L27 AML599
L28 AJL499
L29 AJL499
L29 AML599
L300 XLF150
L31 DUB499
L321 LJC500
LE 362500
LEA 1A9950
LEA 4S9950
LEG 111S1999
LES 111Y4999
LUS 5T4999
LYN 239500
M121 UTD999
M155 COY4999
M155 KAS4999
M155 PET2299
M155 WED1999
M155 YOO3299
M155 YUO1499
M21 SON2999
M321 MJS899
MB19 MJB560
MC11 MJC2499
MJ19 MJB599
MO55 SES2999
MO56 TLM265
MRR 728P399
MS11 MJS2999
MT11 ORN799
N121 LFC499
N121 LUC499
N21 DJM999
N21 PJM699
N21 RJP699
N25 CAB599
N28 CAB499
N31 CAB599
N31 OAH2299
NEL 5S4999
NJK 58999
NN 13431999
NO11 BBY6999
NO15 HOP1499
NO15 HOW1499
NO15 NOB1999
NOR 444S2999
NUN 5S3999
O 6325000
OAK 5S9950
OD18 WEN699
OO 1199500
OO11 OLY1499
OO 1549500
OR62 ASM1950
OSM 444N9950
P121 NCF999
P121 PJC499
P700 TOD250
P800 TOD250
PAT 425W1150
PAT 5E6999
PEG 5S4999
PO11 RKA4999
POS 111E2999
POW 3L9950
PS11 PJS2499
PUP 111Y3499
PUT 11N4999
PW 574500
PW 669500
R121 MJS699
R121 RJS999
R25 PJC599
R26 AJS899
R26 PJC599
R28 FFF295
R28 PJC599
R28 RRF395
R31 AJS999
R31 PJC599
R31 RJW899
R80 RJY160
RA51 HAH1099
RC11 RJC1999
RCD 58999
REG 444N4999
RJK 814950
RO11 BBO9950
RO11 CKY4499
RO18 BYX1499
ROB 11S19500
ROB 5S12450
ROB 645R1749
RON 44A4999
RS68 AUD1199
RUS 555S3999
S24 ABY999
SAL 111E9950
SAR 444A9950
SAR 444S8999
SBZ 899499
SCW 69950
SJ19 SJB699
SJE 59950
SJE 86999
SJK 911950
SL11 AMG4999
SM11 SJM2499
SR11 SJR1999
SU69 CKY999
TA11 DOR8999
TEA 5S3499
TEN 11S9950
TER 33Y4999
TJE 412950
TO11 MMO9950
TUJ 132500
V44 RAT599
VOW 1N4999
VY11 RON4999
WG 352500
WL11 KES9950
WR14 THR2299
Y500 ABC399

New plates that helps you stand out from the crowd?

If you’re looking for something unique and different, private number plates are a perfect choice. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we can help you find your ideal plate. We have an extensive range of options available – including dateless registrations that will never go out of style!

You won’t find another company with more experience or knowledge than us when it comes to private number plates. Our team is always on-hand to answer any questions you may have about our products and services. We also offer free advice on how best to personalise your registration so that it reflects who you are as a person.

Beef Registrations, was established in 1990 and has been selling cherished plates for over 30 years. Since then the company has grown from strength to strength, and thanks to the enthusiasm of the British public, Beef Registrations Plates have become a brand leader within the personalised plates industry.

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