Tesla shares its chargers to other electric cars

The company has more than 25,000 "supercharger" locations, making it the world's largest network of electric vehicle charging stations.

As part of the company's efforts to make electric vehicles more widely available, it will launch a pilot programme in 10 locations throughout the Netherlands. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, plans to expand the programme "global" in the future.

Tesla gives access to fast-charging stations for more electric vehicles

Tesla has contributed to making the charging of electric cars easier for drivers. The American manufacturer has decided to share all the Supercharger stations it will develop in the next six months with other models of electric cars. This is an important change that will facilitate the development of this technology, which initially only Tesla drivers could use.

Tesla Opens Its Chargers To Other Electric Cars
Tesla Opens Its Chargers To Other Electric Cars

All electric cars gain access to the ever-expanding Tesla charging network

Today, Tesla is opening its charging network to all-electric cars. Owners of vehicles made by other manufacturers can now use Tesla's growing network of Superchargers for free.  This will accelerate the world's transition to sustainable transportation. We were inspired by the desire of our customers to give Tesla owners more freedom to drive where they want and encourage the adoption of electric vehicles.

Charge Up Your Drive travel long distances

Kia Motors America (KMA) today announced the launch of a new electric vehicle charging program, "Charge Up Your Drive," designed to give customers added assurance that they can travel long distances in an affordable electric car.

Tesla owners make some money sharing chargers.

Tesla owners will soon be able to make some money for sharing their chargers. The electric carmaker announced Thursday that it will start a pilot program to allow owners of its vehicles to rent out their chargers to other drivers.

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