Can I sell my private number plate with my car?

Is it possible to sell a car with a private licence plate?

You can sell a car with a private number plate as long as the vehicle is yours to sell. There are various options available to you in this regard.

Sell the car with the number plate

Of course, you could sell the car as-is, complete with the personal licence plate.

Benefits of selling the licence plate along with the car

The quickest and easiest option is to sell the number plate that came with the car. You won't have to swap the plates over or try to sell or retain the plate if you do it this way. The car could also be more desirable, resulting in a greater price. It's also possible that it'll sell faster.

Volkswagen Classic Cars
Volkswagen Classic Cars

How to sell my car with a private number plate?

What you want to do with the registration itself determines how you sell your car with a private number plate. If you're happy to hand it over to the buyer together with the car, you can simply sell it as usual. That vehicle has already been assigned to it.

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