List of the Most Expensive Number Plates

Because of public interest in private number plates, DVLA has put special regulations in place

The prices are amazing for those plates.

Number plates are a subtle, but integral part of any car. Not only does it provide your car with an identity that can't be stolen or altered like with serial numbers – which the authorities use for tracking purposes in case anything goes wrong on public roads--but also helps them keep track of how many vehicles there are out there driving around!

I mean who wouldn’t notice those little white-on yellow digits?

Well some people might not bat an eyelid when they see them because their focus may have been elsewhere such as wanting to shame someone online about parking improperly (or worse). But even more valuable than these features is what each individual plate represents: something truly unique both aesthetically

RankingPlatePriceGBP PriceDateCountry
1D 533m AED£7,324,20708/10/2016Dubai, UAE
2152.2m AED£7,250,00017/02/2008Abu Dhabi, UAE
3O 925m AED£4,363,000.0007/07/2015Dubai, UAE
4525.2m AED£3,500,00001/02/2007Abu Dhabi, UAE
5716.8m AED£3,000,00020/02/2010Abu Dhabi, UAE
6713.4m AED£2,958,05719/11/2016Abu Dhabi, UAE
7915.4m AED£2,153,84610/05/2008Abu Dhabi, UAE
8210m AED£2,061,85018/11/2017Abu Dhabi, UAE
9910m AED£1,720,00001/09/2010Abu Dhabi, UAE
102818.1m HKD£1,616,000.0002/02/2016Hong Kong
11711.4m AED£1,583,33316/02/2008Abu Dhabi, UAE
121816.5m HKD£1,513,37223/02/2008Hong Kong
13NSW 42.4m AUD£1,500,00028/08/2017New South Wales, Australia
14116.1m AED£1,346,57819/11/2016Abu Dhabi, UAE
15V13m HKD£1,341,58912/02/2017Hong Kong
16128.9m AED£1,240,0002010Abu Dhabi, UAE
17996.5m AED£1,107,32506/06/2009Abu Dhabi, UAE
18118m AED£1,098,90112/05/2007Abu Dhabi, UAE
19104.5m AED£993,37719/11/2016Abu Dhabi, UAE
20224.65m AED£967,74119/11/2016Abu Dhabi, UAE
21664.4m AED£946,23619/11/2016Abu Dhabi, UAE
22556.5m AED£892,85712/05/2007Abu Dhabi, UAE
23913m HKD£832,25801/06/1994Hong Kong
24455m AED£686,81312/05/2007Abu Dhabi, UAE
25168.5m HKD£676,75101/02/2011Hong Kong
26AA 103.1m AED£630,08009/12/2017Dubai
27137.4m HKD£625,52828/02/2010Hong Kong
28267m HKD£591,71528/02/2010Hong Kong
29297m HKD£583,33323/02/2008Hong Kong
30884.2m AED£576,92312/05/2007Abu Dhabi, UAE
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