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Calling the DVLA can be tedious and difficult. Now, you don't have to deal with all of that hassle! Get your registration transfered for a small fee by our Managed Transfer service so it's on your vehicle before you know it.


1RH - sold at a DVLA auction in November 2008 for £247,952. Rob Hair CEO of a demolition company from London purchased it.

51NGH - sold for £236,175 in April 2006.

K1NGS - went for £217,375 in December 1993 at a DVLA auction.

1O - sold for £204,000 in January 2009. 

Porsche Car Sales Office

You can make your car as creative or discreet with a personalised number plate. You could choose to have the name of your favourite band on it, but if you're more low key and less flashy, there are plenty of other options that would give off an equally stunning vibe!


Your Name

If you're looking for a personalized plate with meaning, check out our naming ideas! There are thousands of possibilities and your name can be represented in numbers. A named number plate is often more expensive but it's worth the wait because so many people want to have their own custom car plates.

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Searching for a private number plate? Look no further. Private Number Plates provides over 1000's plates to suit your pocketbook and interest. Search by the name of someone special or initials, browse categories like celebrity names, slogans- even emojis! You're sure to find that perfect one you've been looking for in just seconds!

Finding a good quality private number plate can be hard work but have we got an easy solution: with more than 60 million available at our fingertips from all sorts of interests you'll never lose track again - search it fast online today

Private number plates are often used to disguise the age of a vehicle. If one wanted to buy an older or newer car, but not brand new, they might purchase a private plate as it would be harder for people know how old their ride really is! Private numbers can also feature attractive combinations without giving away any details about your life and secrets (like maybe you're on the run from law enforcement)

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Beef Registrations, was established in 1990 and has been selling cherished plates for over 30 years. Since then the company has grown from strength to strength, and thanks to the enthusiasm of the British public, Beef Registrations Plates have become a brand leader within the personalised plates industry.

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